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Apr 3

"do- it-yourself" music production with "Ableton Live"

13:00–20:00 Metalab, Rathausstrasse 6, 1010 Wien Add this event to a calendar application
Providing an overview of Ableton Live--the ultimate tool for "do- it-yourself" music production. Aimed at people who are interested in working with electronic sound for diverse purposes, this course will explore all the basic elements of using Ableton Live, from recording to production to live performance. Instructed by Ihu Anyanwu, who makes her own noise as electro artist G.rizo (Int. DJ Gigolo Records). .

Price: EUR 0.- (Free Workshop)
Instructor: G.rizo (Intl. DJ Gigolo Records)
This talk is held in English.

Full Information and updates available at

Listen - Songs by recent Participants:
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"Songstarr” by Julia Novacek

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